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Circle Urgent Care in the Community

Here at Circle Urgent Care our mission is to provide a high quality of medical service while at the same time engaging our patients in the utmost quality of customer service. In this regard we wanted to reach out to the community proactively and engage them prior to their visiting us in an attempt to both educate and alleviate any concerns they may have. Therefore, we have launched an outreach campaign that will put us in direct contact with those who are already dedicated to serving its people.

In addition to our many community programs, we believe through direct relations with the local churches, temples, mosques, etc. we can better inform and educate the public about Urgent Care, our role in this industry and how we are bringing customer service, intimacy and compassion to the field. We begin by being in solidarity with the particular religious community by joining them for worship. We bring our families to be in fellowship with theirs.

We usually will ask to cater a meal for the entire congregation and enjoy the time spent breaking bread with the folks. Finally, our Director will introduce Circles’ distinct approach to health care, location and then answer any questions the congregations may have. This intimate approach allows those who would be our patients get to know us, get to see us and get their specific questions answered. We believe this type of Community Outreach will help assure, and reassure the public that we are here for their benefit and look forward to serving their medical needs.

Yesterday, we had the distinct pleasure of being welcomed at the Calvary Church of God on Staten Island at 4055 Richmond Ave to this very end. Their Pastor Lester Figueroa, a man of amazing humility presides over a thriving congregation of over one hundred congregants. From the very start we were treated to the very highest of what it means to be in the presence of radical hospitality. From Violet Delgado, Yamel and her side kick Romeo who helped me set up the food to David Gonzalez who helped me set up in the lobby and to everyone who just welcomed our presence, thank you so much!!!!The spirit of compassion is alive and well at your church. A Special shout out to Beth and her lovely mother who watched all the kids in the Nursery!! Not to mention all the needed work she and her husband are doing for the marginalized migrant workers living on Staten Island. Not to mention the power of the sermon given by Ieleen Howarth was especially moving and relevant for today, Hell is real.

For most patients Hell can be sitting in the E.D. for hours and not knowing what is happening. Hell can be being unsure if your health care plan covers the treatments you need. Here at Circle Urgent Care our answer to this pain is fluid and rapid transitions in and out of our treatment center. Here at Circle Urgent Care our answer to this anxiety is we except all insurance plans. Here at Circle Urgent Care we pride ourselves on being a shore of relief to those wearied by the ailments plaguing them.

We also answered many questions about immunizations and inoculations. We heard from many about what it means to them that we have a multi-cultural staff with Spanish speaking staff members. We heard from Alex and some of the ladies about how personal service is lacking in health care and how our emphasis on customer service was so important.

We look forward to being able to assist this to the community of the Calvary Church of God as well as your particular community when need be.

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