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February is American Heart Month At Circle Urgent Care

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The month of February is adorned with the symbol of love: Happy Valentine’s America! While romance, love and care are globally represented by the symbol, in the healthcare world we have seized the buzz: this is how we celebrate American Heart Month.

A healthy heart, free of cardiovascular diseases, is key to a full life. The burden of cardiovascular diseases can refrain you from enjoying your time with your loved ones.

Circle Urgent Care understand that there just aren’t enough hours in the day and we all make scarifies. Many of us skip that doctors appointment to allow ourselves to get other projects done. But your health is important. And your heart health is a priority!

The Circle Urgent Care facility was built with you in mind. With minimal wait time and many on-site services (including x-ray, blood tests, nutritionists, and more) Circle Urgent Care will provide you with everything you need to be healthy.

Some Keys To A Healthy Heart

  • Diet & Physical Activity – Circle Urgent Care offers on-site Nutritional Services. A healthy heart starts with a healthy plate.
  • Tobacco Use – Smoking increases your risk of heart attack by two to six times. Read more
  • High Blood Pressure – Stress is everywhere. Talk to one of the doctors at Circle Urgent Care if stress may be affecting your chance at a healthy tomorrow.
  • High Blood Cholesterol – When was the last time you had your blood cholesterol checked? Seriously, think about it.
  • Diabetes – Heart diseases and stroke are the No. 1 causes of death and disability among people with type 2 diabetes. Read more
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