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A Personal Approach to Healthcare

Where Doctors Get to Know You Better

Urgent care, though a relatively novel concept in healthcare, has become progressively more popular in recent years. Most people however, still tend to rush to the emergency room when in distress, unaware of the many and varied benefits that an urgent care center can offer to them. These facilities exist to provide convenient and affordable healthcare services, while keeping the emergency rooms free for people suffering from life threatening ailments.

A Different Approach

The emergency rooms in hospitals are usually understaffed and almost without exception, filled to capacity with patients. Therefore, medical practitioners there can never quite give their patients enough time or attention, but simply do only what is absolutely necessary until they can move on to the next patient.

An urgent care center, on the other hand, allows doctors to devote sufficient time and energy towards you, in trying to get to know you better and to effectively cure your ailment. They provide an extremely effective alternative to emergency rooms, one that deals with non emergency situations in a relatively hassle free manner. They treat common illnesses and injuries, such as sprains and bruises, colds, flu, diarrhea, eye and ear infections, fevers, rashes, and upset stomachs etc.

The Benefits on Offer

As an alternative to hospital emergency rooms, urgent care facilities provide the following benefits:
  • Better and swifter access to healthcare, particularly for illnesses and injuries that are not life threatening.
  • You can simply walk into an urgent care center and receive treatment, without the need to call first and set up an appointment.
  • A hospital emergency room can be entirely too expensive, even for passing ailments that do not truly qualify as an emergency. Urgent care centers are considerably more cost effective.
  • Most urgent care facilities remain open for extended hours, seven days a week, so you can walk in and get the necessary treatment at your own convenience.
  • Urgent care centers serve to relieve the pressure on hospital emergency rooms. They can provide effective, quality healthcare for non emergency situations. This allows emergency rooms to deal almost exclusively with life threatening situations.
  • Urgent care clinics are usually situated in residential areas, so you do not have to travel far in order to receive the diagnosis, treatment and medical care that you require.

There are many and considerable benefits provided by urgent care centers. However, the greatest advantage is perhaps the time allowed to the doctor to get to know you better. A deeper understanding can lead to enhanced healthcare, and to the prevention of most ailments instead of to the cure.

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