Where to Get X-Rays Done in Staten Island

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Where to Get X-Rays Done in Staten Island

A Smart Alternative to the Emergency Room

Quite often, when an X-Ray is required, you will find yourself waiting endlessly in emergency rooms with too many patients to deal with and not enough staff or equipment at hand. Once you do eventually get examined and treated, you will receive a bill that in most cases would be highly disproportionate to the injury or ailment. The smarter choice then, particularly when in Staten Island, is to get your X-Rays done at an urgent care facility.

When to Get X-Rays

X-Rays are often required by medical and healthcare practitioners to assist them with the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of various conditions. The variety of cases where an X-Ray is required may include bone deformities, injuries – including fractures – to the bones, kidney stones, gall stones, and post surgical implants – such as knee and hip replacements – to assess the healing process.

Where to Get X-Rays

So, you have had a fall and suspect a broken bone or more. What do you do? The obvious choice would be to rush to an emergency room. You will however, have to sit amongst a crowd of patients, awaiting your turn – and then you will pay exorbitant sums, even if it turns out to be a simple sprain and not the fracture you had feared.

The less obvious choice, yet the wiser and more convenient one, would be to head to an urgent care facility. Your X-Ray would be performed almost immediately, and it would not be expensive, fracture or not. There are plenty of well-equipped and sufficiently staffed urgent care centers in Staten Island and they are able to write a prescription for you or to renew your existing one.

The Smart Alternative

Urgent care facilities are often ignored as a viable healthcare option because most people continue to be unaware of the many, considerable benefits that they can provide. They are usually extremely affordable and they do not make you wait hour upon hour to receive a simple X-Ray.

Furthermore, even if their equipment is not as high tech as most emergency rooms, urgent care centers can deal effectively with common ailment, including anemia, cold, and pregnancies, and they are equipped with EKG and X-Ray machines. In Staten Island, look for Circle Urgent Care if you need an X-Ray, and simply walk in without an appointment for effective and efficient diagnosis and treatment.

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