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March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

Colorectal Cancer (also known as the colon cancer, rectal cancer or the bowel cancer) is a medical condition whereby the patient experiences uncontrolled cell growth in the areas of colon and rectum.

February is American Heart Month At Circle Urgent Care

Circle Urgent Care understand that there just aren’t enough hours in the day and we all make scarifies. Many of us skip that doctors appointment to allow ourselves to get other projects done. But your health is important.

A Personal Approach to Healthcare

Urgent care, though a relatively novel concept in healthcare, has become progressively more popular in recent years. Most people however, still tend to rush to the emergency room when in distress, unaware of the many and varied benefits that an urgent care center can offer to them. These facilities exist to provide convenient and affordable healthcare services, while keeping the emergency rooms free for people suffering from life threatening ailments.

Where to Get X-Rays Done in Staten Island

Quite often, when an X-Ray is required, you will find yourself waiting endlessly in emergency rooms with too many patients to deal with and not enough staff or equipment at hand. Once you do eventually get examined and treated, you will receive a bill that in most cases would be highly disproportionate to the injury or ailment. The smarter choice then, particularly when in Staten Island, is to get your X-Rays done at an urgent care facility.