Aftercare for Flu Patients

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Aftercare for Flu Patients

Seasonal flu is one of the most neglected conditions of all. Thousands of Americans are affected by the flu virus every flu season and yet people don’t get a flu shot. Circle Urgent Care gives a lot of importance to flu virus because it is not only dangerous but it causes serious illnesses among people and because it is highly contagious, people catch it from one another.

At Circle Urgent Care, we have physicians and doctors that are experts in dealing with flu patients. Just as October starts, people start to come in with prominent flu symptoms. Some complain about sore throat, while others are unable to breathe. Our doctors provide efficient care to flu patients and make sure that they follow a recovery plan and always get a flu shot at the beginning of the season.

Staying Away from Flu Virus

After patients get flu shot from Circle Urgent Care, our doctors keep in touch with them to ensure they are back to normal. Many patients get extremely worried after minor side-effects of the vaccine start to kick-in.

the after-effects of flu shot typically include

  • Soreness
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Redness of the arm
  • Pain

Getting a flu shot when you feel slight symptoms of the virus is the best thing to do. A flu vaccine is the best protection method against flu virus and has a 60% success rate. The side-effects of a flu vaccine are quite minor and a person will only feel them for 2 days. Getting flu shot keeps you protected from flu virus for a whole season.

Early Protection for Kids

Children are more susceptible to flu virus than adults because they attend school where there is a high chance of catching the virus from other children. Flu virus is very contagious and that’s why parents should be aware of noticeable symptoms of flu virus in their kids. Infants highly get affected by flu virus and last year almost 100 infants died of the virus. Children of age 6 months to 8 years might need two vaccines every season because their immune system is weaker than those of adults.

At Circle Urgent Care, doctors make sure that infants get the best protection against flu virus. Make sure you eat healthy and avoid interacting with people that already have the virus. This way you will have a better chance at staying away from this dangerous virus.

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