Different Types of Flu Shots

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Different Types of Flu Shots

Getting a flu shot should be considered important by everyone. Thousands of people get sick or in extreme conditions die because of flu. The flu season stays almost half of the year, that’s why everyone should get an influenza shot before it gets worse. Flu is often under-estimated but its effects can be very dangerous. Flu can seriously affect the health of a person, keeping him/her away from work, often resulting in hospitalization.

It is best to get a flu shot before the flu season because it is a contagious virus that spreads quickly. That’s why early protection will keep you safe from people that are under its affect. There are different types of flu shots options available in a clinic or hospital and they are given below.

Traditional Flu Shot

A traditional flu shot is the most common type of flu shot that everyone usually gets. This flu shot is injected into the muscle. The shot contains flu virus particles that promote anti-flu immunity. So when you get a traditional flu shot, you will not be affected by the virus.

High Dose Flu Shot

A high dose flu shot is not for all ages. People over 65 years of age are given this type of flu shot. This shot activates the anti-flu immune system in less time and contains a higher dose of the same ingredients that are in a traditional flu shot. People in older age tend to get affected with a hint of virus and the impact of virus on their system is much higher. That’s why they need a high dose to stay safe from flu that may cause their death in worst case scenario.

Egg Free Flu Shot

The flu virus injected in a flu shot is grown inside eggs. As evident by the name, egg-free flu shots contain a flu virus not grown in an egg. It is made for people who are allergic to eggs.

Intradermal Flu Shot

An intradermal flu shot has the same ingredients as a traditional flu shot but it is not injected into the muscle. A traditional flu shot might be painful for some people because the needle used for injecting the vaccine is thick. In an intradermal flu shot, the needle is relatively thin and it does not go into the muscle but is injected under the skin.

Nasal Spray Flu Shot

A nasal spray is also used to prevent flu virus and is only approved for ages 2 – 49. This type of flu shot contains a live and weakened flu virus.

At Circle Urgent Care, medical experts and doctors are responsible to give the most effective flu shot to patients in the flu season.

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