Foods You Should Eat to Protect Yourself from the Flu Virus

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Foods You Should Eat to Protect Yourself from the Flu Virus

At Circle Urgent Care, our qualified doctors and physicians not only focus on treating the patients but they also give advice for a healthy lifestyle. Our doctors believe that aftercare is the most critical part of their job that needs to be handled responsibly. That’s why they give instructions to flu patients even after they have received a flu shot.

Healthy Eating Habits

Many times flu patients complain that their flu symptoms are not fading away. When people come to Circle Urgent Care with such complains, our doctors recommend them a diet plan that contains food items that have the power to fight bacteria. Apart from oral hygiene, people need to adopt healthy eating habits, especially in the flu season.

Chicken Soup

When you are under the effect of flu virus, you usually feel tired and sick. In this condition, many people give up eating and survive on fluids alone. Experienced doctors’ at Circle Urgent Care advice flu victims to stay hydrated and drink a cup of soup daily. A plain chicken soup with vegetables, ginger and a pinch of salt is perfect for curing flu symptoms. Additionally, it gives strength to our immune system which is responsible to fight against the virus. Chicken soup should be consumed hot so that it soothes the throat.

Fresh Juice

If you are feeling sick and don’t want to eat solid food items then drink fruit juices to stay hydrated and active. Juices best for flu victims are; orange, grapefruit, cranberry, lime, etc.

Scrambled Eggs

Avoiding solid food items completely will prolong your illness. Doctors at Circle Urgent care suggest that flu patients eat eggs, preferably scrambled so that protein could get in the system. Protein is very effective in repairing body tissues. Many people are unable to digest meat and chicken, that’s why eggs are the best source of protein for flu virus victims.

Aftercare for Recovery

People that fall sick due to flu virus need to take care of their diet. Doctors at Circle Urgent Care give importance to patient aftercare and suggest a diet plan for the patients to recover quickly. Flu patients should eat food items rich in protein, vitamin C, and fiber. It is best to avoid junk food and eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible. If you still feel uneasy, contact our physicians to get an updated meal plan and get on to the road of recovery.

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