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Get the Best Aftercare at Circle Urgent Care

Many times, patients complain of not getting proper aftercare from a hospital where they were admitted for an illness – short or long term. At Circle Urgent Care we have a proper process for patient aftercare. We believe in keeping our patients close to us and keep in touch with them even after a regular check-up. We offer great aftercare services for patients that keep them satisfied. Many medical institutions neglect aftercare which often results in a greater problem. For example, an asthma patient went to a hospital emergency after an attack. He was recovered from the attack but due to a lack of aftercare services, he had another attack within a few days.

Aftercare services are very important because they keep you on track. A heart patient would fall ill and have more attacks if he/she is not given proper guidelines to maintain a proper routine. Effective discharge procedure is necessary for every medical institution or clinic. Patients need to get the same care even after he/she is discharged. This is the responsibility of an honest medical care center. Circle Urgent Care knows that treating patient’s illness completely is the main goal, which can only be carried out with help of extraordinary aftercare services.

At Circle Urgent Care we make sure patients receive efficient aftercare that includes the following:

  • Regular scheduled home visits or clinic visits.
  • Avoid re-hospitalization by giving aftercare instructions to discharged patients.
  • Prescribe new self-care tasks for the patient.
  • Prescribe a medicine program to be followed regularly by the patients that is checked by doctors on every visit.
  • Instructions on what the patient should and shouldn’t do.
  • Prescribe foods that are healthy for the patient in his/her particular condition and confirm if he/she is following it in the follow-up checkup.
  • Conduct regular check-ups until the symptoms start to fade away.

Aftercare services should be considered an important part of the recovery process in every hospital and medical institution. More than 30% of Americans are re-admitted in hospitals due to lack of aftercare services from the hospital, which is not only expensive but risky for health as well.

Circle Urgent Care focuses a lot on aftercare services provided to every patient that is discharged. Even patients that come in for an emergency treatment receive tremendous aftercare services that minimize their chance of getting sick again.

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