How Is A Typical Drug Test Performed?

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How Is A Typical Drug Test Performed?

How Is A Typical Drug Test Performed?

A drug test is often performed when a person is in the employment process or is susceptible of doing drugs. In any case, a drug test is usually performed by a urine test. This is the most efficient way of getting to know whether or not a person uses drugs.

Many workplaces and institutions have made drug testing mandatory to protect the environment and people of that place. Having an employee that takes drugs can cause health and work risks. That’s why a drug test either by the authority itself or by a personal doctor is performed.

There are several reasons why companies perform drug tests on employees. Some of the reasons are given below.

  • Protect other employees.
  • Maintain a healthy and efficient work environment.
  • Keeping people away from drug abuse.
  • To prevent hiring drug addicts in the organization.
  • Follow state rules and regulations.

Urine Test

Urine test is the most common type of drug test performed by many organizations and medical centers. There are a few steps that need to be followed during a drug test.

  1. An individual needs to submit a document which has all the information about the sample delivery from the point it was taken up to the point it reaches to the authority for test.
  2. The original urine sample is split into two portions. One sample goes for initial test and the other goes for confirmation test.
  3. Then comes the initial testing phase in which the urine sample is tested once. If the result comes out positive, the laboratory needs to check it again to confirm the result. The first test done on the sample doesn’t always come out right and to avoid any trouble, the sample goes to another testing phase.
  4. The urine sample is in the second and final stage of testing where it is tested with gar chromatography, which is a highly accurate way to test a sample for evidence of drug use. If the results in the confirmation test are similar to the initial test, the person is proved to be using drugs.

The result of a positive drug test is handed over to a licensed medical professional that conducts a meeting with the sample provider. This medical professional then needs to confirm from the sample provider, whether the positive result is due to an effect of a medicine or not.

At Circle Urgent Care we have licensed doctors that are responsible to conduct the test and confirm accurate results, without creating any trouble for the individual and the organization itself.

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