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Post Employment Offer Testing

In order to make sure that the employee that you are hiring is capable of performing the tasks they are being hired to do, a post employment offer testing becomes necessary. This testing determines the physical and mental health of an individual, and with a comprehensive test like this, you will contribute towards minimizing unnecessary illnesses and injuries of your new employee. It is often said that the injury that never happens will be the least costly to a company. This is exactly what the post employment offer testing offers to organizations.

Some of the other names of post employment offer testing are Pre-Placement Tests, Physical Abilities Tests, Worker Selection Tests, Fitness for Duty Tests, Pre-Work Screens, and Physical Demands Tests.

The Goal Of Post Employment Offer Testing

The goal of this type of testing is to make sure that the individual that is being hired by the organization has the physical and mental abilities to person all of the important tasks they are being assigned to perform. The medical conditions that are often checked in this type of testing include disabilities, history of diseases, high blood pressure, or spine arthritis detected via an X –ray that was performed. The abilities of an individual can be assessed properly if the tests that are used are related to the job that the individual has applied for, consistent with what the business needs, and highly valid.

Employer Requirements During Hire

  • Hiring of productive and healthy individuals
  • Compliance with the federal legislation
  • Reduction and prevention of injuries and the related costs
  • Making sure that the workers only do jobs they are qualified and capable of doing

Laws And Legal Standards To Be Considered When Conducting Post Employment Offer Testing

  • Age Discrimination in Employment Act (1967)
  • Americans with Disabilities Act – (1990)
  • Title VII – Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • Uniform Guidelines of Employee Selection Procedures

Post employment offer testing is crucial if you are looking to hire healthy individuals who will give you the maximum output. The test will also ensure that you are able to minimize any risks of diseases or illnesses early on. If you happen to have any further questions regarding this concept, then feel free to talk to the officials and employees at ProHEALTH Circle Urgent Care. We will answer all your questions and make sure you understand the concept well.

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