Pre Employment vs. Post Employment Offer Testing

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Pre Employment vs. Post Employment Offer Testing

Companies need to retain and satisfy their employees up to a maximum. When it comes to that, Human Resources need to ensure that they have a productive and a safe environment for their employees to perform optimally. The best thing that they can do to ensure productivity is to make sure that the physical capabilities of the employees they are hiring are in line with the work that they are made to do.

Pre Employment Testing

This is the traditional testing where the candidates who have applied for a particular job get tested. These tests can, in some cases, be used, by the employer to narrow down the applicants further. Pre employment testing does not involve any medical examinations.

Post Employment Offer Testing

Post employment offer testing is carried out once the candidate has been hired to do the job on the condition that they pass the assessment. These usually include medical examinations including asking questions related to the medical history of a person.

Post employment offer testing provides employers with a much better overview of a candidate as opposed to the pre employment testing. This is because the prior helps in analyzing how efficient a candidate will be in their respective jobs and whether they will be facing any issues or health problems later on.

In some of the cases, the post employment offer testing will prove to be more expensive because in case of a medical test it will require the availability of professional medical staff. However, Post employment offer testing provides greater benefits to the employer in the long term since the better the candidate that they hire, the greater their overall efficiency and productivity will be.

This also reduces the occurrence of any injuries or illnesses at work since the employees will be better matched to their respective roles. Such reductions will have a great positive impact on workers compensation and the number of healthy and satisfying work days.

Have further questions related to this topic? Why not give us a call? We would be more than happy to help you out and answer any of the questions that you might have. Many of the organizations still do not believe in the effectiveness of post employment offer testing. However, it is now time to start believing in the effectiveness of such testing.

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