Protecting Yourself from Toxic Substances

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Protecting Yourself from Toxic Substances

The environment we live in is full of toxic chemical and harmful fumes that badly affect health and lifestyle. There are different materials and chemical substances that can have adverse effects of health and to avoid getting harmed from these toxic substances, one must get checked by a physician. Circle Urgent Care offers a variety of services including testing people for toxic reactions.

Many people get exposed to harmful chemicals on job and when the effects of toxic substances are prominent, they can get compensated by the laws of FECA. Chemicals and toxicity enters our system through three ways given below.

Inhaling Toxic Chemicals And Fumes

The easiest way toxic substances enter our body and blood stream is through inhalation. If you work at a factory where toxic chemicals are used in the manufacturing process, there is a high chance that the chemicals have entered your system and attacking different organs and creating after effects. Breathing a chemical in can damage a person’s lungs and respiratory system. Especially for people that have allergies or asthma. If you work at a place where there are toxic fumes in the air, make sure you protect yourself from breathing the contaminated air. Physicians at Circle Urgent Care will conduct a thorough check-up and provide directions for protection.

Ingesting Chemical Substances

Ingestion simply means digesting a chemical substance or eating something that is contaminated. Ingestion of toxic substances may cause greater health problems. That’s why, make sure that you keep your food away from a toxic place for example; avoid eating in a factory or contaminated environment. Toxic substances do not usually enter our body through ingestion but it is still the most hazardous of all. Symptoms from ingesting a toxic substance or intoxicated food appear relatively quicker. So, when you start to feel sick, nauseated, etc, make sure you get help from a professional doctor.

Absorbing Chemicals Through Eyes And Skin

Another way harmful chemicals enter our body is through absorption. Chemicals can be absorbed by eyes and skin, that’s why people working in a toxic environment should use protective gears to stay safe from toxicity. In a chemically toxic environment or workplace, skin and eyes irritation are the most common symptoms. Make sure you consult with a doctor and get allergy medications to avoid skin and eye problems.

Circle Urgent Care has a group of highly experienced licensed doctors that perform health check-ups for people that are exposed to toxic substances. These doctors also help people follow a protection plan and prescribe effective medications to ease the effects of toxicity.

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