What is Drug Screening About?

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What is Drug Screening About?

Before joining a company or before getting hired somewhere, a person needs to prove that he/she doesn’t have any disease or medical condition, and doesn’t do drugs. This is the most important and an essential part of the employment process that every employee has to go through. At Circle Urgent Care, we have a dedicated drug screening staff that performs the tests without you feeling uncomfortable. Rather than getting drug screening done from the company and feeling awkward, a person should get it done on his/her own.

Why Is It Necessary?

Drug screening is a must in almost every company and many universities have also made it mandatory. When you are getting employed somewhere new, the authorities of that place need to be sure that you don’t have a history of drugs or any other disease that could interfere in the work and be harmful for yourself and the employees. That’s why organizations want the reports of drug screening, either done by them or by a healthcare center.

There are two types of drug screening:

Lab Based Collections

At Circle Urgent Care, we provide authentic lab based drug screening tests. The results of this test are reliable and can be used for a number of purposes. Lab based collections for drug screening is a traditional way of getting the result. You can simply show previous drug screening results you conducted for an organization.

Instant Testing

Instant testing is a relatively new technique of drug screening test where you can give urine or saliva samples on the site. Many organizations offer instant testing to avoid a delay in the employment process. Many people don’t find instant testing a good option because they feel uncomfortable in providing samples on the site.

A drug-screening test is very beneficial for both the individual itself and the people in the organization. A drug addict can be dangerous for the people in the organization and can pose health and safety risks. The employers are responsible for providing their employees with a safe and secure workplace that doesn’t cause any harm to them. Drug screening also allows employers to decide whether a person is good for the job or not.

Circle Urgent Care is a total care facility with experienced and diligent teams responsible for every department. Our staff will perform drug screening in a timely manner, making it certain that you feel comfortable throughout the process.

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