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ProHEALTH Circle Urgent Care is proud to announce the acquisition of Heartland Medical. Being committed to the community, we have raise the level of both the care received by patients on Staten Island as well as access to both primary care physicians and ER trained Urgent Care physicians. In addition to newly renovated offices, Staten Island patients will have access to our highly skilled physicians & clinical staff. We offer convenient, extended hours that fit into your busy schedules. At ProHEALTH Circle Primary Care, patients experience streamlined admission.

ProHEALTH Circle Urgent Care has quickly become Staten Island’s choice for quality medical care. With the addition of ProHEALTH Circle Primary Care, we will strive to provide the same great quality and care you have come to expect.

If you have not visited the newly renovated location, we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to an all new medical experience.

  • A State of the Art Facility for Your Entire Family
  • A Streamlined Admission Process
  • A Warm, Non-Threatening Environment
  • Open 7 Days A Week

So, from all of us at ProHEALTH Circle Primary Care, we sincerely look forward to being there for you. Staten Island is our home too and we take great pride in providing the community with quality and convenient care.

ProHEALTH Urgent Care is staffed with Board-certified physicians, registered nurses, and medical personnel who are committed to providing quality care for you and your family. All of our offices are connected and fully integrated with a highly advanced electronic medical record system.This electronic system eliminates worries of lack of complete patient information when the doctor administers treatment, and speeds up the process of being treated by avoiding redundant explanations of medical history by the patient.

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