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Drug and Alcohol Testing at Circle Urgent Care, NY

Working with Circle Urgent Care for drug and alcohol testing is easy, accurate and efficient. We are a responsive business partner for all of your company’s drug and alcohol screening needs. We offer in-house laboratory testing so there is no need to send samples off to an outside vendor, thus saving time and money, as well as faster turnarounds. Many businesses choose to partner with Circle Urgent Care for not only their drug and alcohol screenings, but for our comprehensive occupational medicine services.

We make doing business together, simple and efficient as we strive to be number one in everything we do. Circle Urgent Care makes the process of drug and alcohol screening convenient by offering accurate and fast results, reduced wait times and help with any and all documentation your company and/or employee may need.

Drug and alcohol testing has become a standard in new hire processes and ongoing employment with many company’s. Speeding up this process will help your company move this part of your human resources department along as quickly as possible while keeping your business safe from hiring individuals who may have substance abuse issues.

What Situations Should Employees be Asked to Take a Drug or Alcohol Test?
Reasonable Suspicion and for Cause
Post-Treatment Tests

Drug & Alcohol Testing Services:
Urine Drug Testing
Rapid Urinalysis Screening
Hair Follicle Drug Testing
DOT BATS (Breath Alcohol Testing)
Blood Panel Screening
Rapid Drug Testing
Court Ordered Testing
Employer Drug & Alcohol Testing
Random Drug & Alcohol Testing

What We Provide:
Timely Results
Reduced Wait Times
Professional, Skilled Staff
Best Care for Your Employees
Coordination of Results and Documentation
Timely Return to Work
No Appointments Needed
Eliminating of Time-Consuming Referral Procedures

*Please note that not all urgent care centers offer the exact same drug and alcohol testing services. Please contact the center you wish to use directly for more information.