Walk-In Urgent Care at Circle Urgent Care, NY

CIRCLE URGENT GIVES YOU THE BEST SERVICE: Exceptional and nothing less!

We want you and your family to experience prompt, quality care from the moment you walk in, through your recovery.

Our self-pay visits start at $150. Any additional services are additional costs.

walk-in urgent care

Our Mission: “Circle Urgent Care will adhere to its unwavering principles of providing exemplary, efficient, and un-intimidating medical care comfortably and conveniently in a beautiful environment.”

You and your family trust us to provide quality care from the moment you walk in, through your recovery. Whether you are sick, injured, or need a check-up, our highly skilled physicians will be here to guide you back to health. We have a reputation for providing the most comprehensive approach to urgent care because every physician and staff member is encouraged to go the extra mile for you. Just walk-in on your schedule and experience the quality, convenient medical care you need.

Circle Urgent Care welcomes walk-ins. In fact, we pride ourselves on being available at your time of need. However, you may have some questions before you come in. We have staff standing by to address any concern you may have. It is our privilege to be able to assist you and your family.

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday: 9:00am – 9:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9:00am – 6:00pm

What We Treat:
Bumps, bruises, coughs, colds, sprains, strains, cuts and pain, illness, work related health care, and just about anything else health related that you need some quick and convenient guidance on. You name it, we treat it. We have all of the key lab testing and x-rays on site, which enables us to treat a full spectrum of non-life threatening illnesses and injuries, as well as basic healthcare services. Our experienced physicians see patients of all ages with all kinds of medical needs. Just drop in, there’s no appointment needed!

Our Walk-In Services:
Walk-in urgent care
Treatment of injuries and illnesses
Lab testing
Low dose x-rays
Pediatric care
Physical exams
COVID-19 testing
Vaccines and immunizations
Travel medicine
IV hydration
Occupational medicine
DOT & CDL exams
Drug and alcohol testing

What We Provide:
Open 7 days a week
Treat ages 4 months and older
Board-certified physicians
Respectful staff members
Quality, compassionate care
Value-based care
State-of-the-art facility
Reserve your spot online
In network with most insurances
Cost-effective alternative to the ER
Safe, clean center
Minimal wait times
UCA accredited center

If this is a life-threatening emergency, please dial 911 or get to your nearest emergency department.
Please note: X-rays are only available when a Physician and/or Radiologic Technologist are on site.

Urgent care is broadly defined as a health care service provided on a walk-in, no appointment basis for acute illness or injury that is non-life or limb threatening. The majority of all encounters at urgent care centers are need based, non chronic and typically can be defined as “just don’t feel good” situations. Urgent care centers provide services in episodic care, occupational medicine, routine immunizations, school, sports, work, travel, and pre-op physicals, bumps and bruises, broken bones, sprains and strains, cuts and wounds, cold, flu and stomach ailments. Centers have higher levels of services and staff are trained for a higher level acuteness of patient care than what may be offered by a primary care or family physician. Facilities have modern technology and are appropriately equipped so that they have the ability to do testing and treatment on site such as x-ray, lab work, fracture and laceration care, and other higher level treatments that at one time would only be treated in an emergency department. Additionally, urgent care centers are open extended hours on evenings and weekends.

The majority of all ER visits are non-life threatening, and likely could be handled at a more appropriate setting like an urgent care facility based on surveys done by the CDC and insurance providers. ER visits have been rising and the average ER visit wait times have increased over the past several years, rising to over 4 hours based on studies conducted by the Urgent Care Association of America. Additionally, the average wait time for a Primary Care Physician appointment is more than 20 days. 80% of urgent care visits average 60 minutes or less (UCAOA).

  • Circle Urgent Care has been designed to address the lack of access to convenient, efficient, high-quality healthcare for people in Staten Island. Come in to see us for any health-related issue that you need checked out, any issue you want some clarity on, or anything you would like an answer about today.
  • We provide excellent care in a comfortable, un-intimidating environment at a reasonable cost.
  • The quality of the professionals, the friendliness of staff, the cleanliness and comfort of our
    waiting areas and clinical practice areas are all set up keeping in mind our intent on “wowing” our patients.
  • Circle Urgent Care is raising the bar for affordable, accessible, same day care.
  • There are few physicians who truly accept walk in patients and those that do are often trying to shoehorn people in between appointments. Additionally, many physicians are not located in convenient locations or suitable buildings with adequate parking. Our locations provide easy access for people and their families during their busy day, their action-packed evenings and on weekends.
  • Employees of Circle Urgent Care are physicians and healthcare professionals who can provide a variety of care for non-life threatening, acute health care needs. We are focused on creating a “Best of Breed” brand in Staten Island through exceptional quality service, attentive medical care, a clean and comfortable spa like environment, and a dependable, efficient care option for both insured and non-insured patients
urgent care or er

Circle Urgent Care has been certified and received the distinguished accreditation from the Urgent Care Association (UCA)