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3894 Richmond Avenue

You and your family trust us to provide quality care from the moment you walk in, through your recovery. Whether you are sick, injured, or need a check-up, our highly skilled physicians will be here to guide you back to health. We have a reputation for providing the most comprehensive approach to urgent care because every physician and staff member is encouraged to go the extra mile for you. Just walk-in on your schedule and experience the quality, convenient medical care you need.

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Open 7 Days a Week!

When you need to see a doctor, we are there.

Just walk in. No appointment is ever necessary.


  • Mon thru Fri – 9 am to 9pm
  • Sat, Sun – 9 am to 6pm

Major Holiday hours are 9am to 3pm – Call for hours during inclement weather

Phone: 347-630-7985

Address: 3894 Richmond Avenue

Staten Island, New York

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