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Occupational Medicine Services at Circle Urgent Care

Occupational Medicine Services at Circle Urgent Care

Occupational medicine is a field of medicine in which medical experts are responsible for diagnosing, managing, and treating certain illnesses caused by the working environment. If an engineer is working in a factory where he/she feels symptoms of asthma because of inhaling harmful fumes, he/she will be treated by occupational medicine experts. These experts will first carryout a set of tests to confirm the diagnosis and then prescribe medicines to control the condition and eventually treat it completely.

Occupational medicine is an important part of a workplace, and with its effective use, it keeps the work environment and the people in it healthy. If some workplace factors are affecting a person, he/she will not be able to focus on work. This will not only affect his/her work but will also affect his/her health.

How can Circle Urgent Care help you?

Circle Urgent Care also deals in occupational medicine services, where a team of professional physicians are responsible to treat workplace factors and its effects on people. Our expert physicians visit different workplaces to examine the work environment and analyze the possible effects it could have on the workforce.

Occupational medicine doesn’t only deal with great health issues. It also covers the equipment used in the workplace that might affect the workers. For example, employees of an IT firm complain of having constant back pain. In this case occupational physicians will be responsible to check the seats in the workplace and get them replaced with comfortable seats that provide support to the back. These physicians will also prescribe pain relief medicines and give tips to workers to treat the condition completely.

At Circle Urgent Care, occupational medicine experts are responsible for handling a number of tasks that include the following:

  • A thorough inspection of the factors that could be risky for health in a workplace
  • Adopting strategies and methods to minimize the risk
  • Giving counseling to employees that are under work related stress
  • Treating workers for different diseases, medical conditions, and allergies that occur due to workplace factors
  • Providing medicine for asthma, radiation, and allergies
  • Keeping the work environment healthy to avoid further health risks
  • Examining employee’s physical and mental health and providing solutions and treatments based on different conditions

Occupational Medicine is often overlooked by many organizations. Keeping employees healthy and happy in a work environment provides better results. That’s why Circle Urgent Care provides efficient occupational medicine services to people from different organizations.

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