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Learn About Drug Screening Services

What is Drug Screening About?

Before joining a company or before getting hired somewhere, a person needs to prove that he/she doesn’t do drugs. This is the most important and an essential part of the employment process that every employee has to go through. At Circle Urgent Care, we have a dedicated drug screening staff that performs the tests without you feeling uncomfortable. Rather than getting drug screening done from the company and feeling awkward, a person should get it done on his/her own.

How is a Typical Drug Test Performed?

A drug test is often performed when a person is in the employment process or is susceptible of doing drugs. In any case, a drug test is usually performed by a urine test. This is the most efficient way of getting to know whether or not a person uses drugs.

Many workplaces and institutions have made drug testing mandatory to protect the environment and people of that place. Having an employee that takes drugs can cause health and work risks. That’s why a drug test either by the authority itself or by a personal doctor is performed.

There are several reasons why companies perform drug tests on employees. Some of the reasons are given below.

  • Protect other employees.
  • Maintain a healthy and efficient work environment.
  • Keeping people away from drug abuse.
  • To prevent hiring drug addicts in the organization.
  • Follow state rules and regulations.

Why Is It Necessary?

When you are getting employed somewhere new, the authorities of that place need to be sure that you don’t have a history of drugs or any other disease that could interfere in the work and be harmful for yourself and the employees. That’s why organizations want the reports of drug screening, either done by them or by a healthcare center.

Different Techniques of Drug Testing

Circle Urgent Care has professional and experienced doctors that perform drug tests using different methods that produce accurate results, saving your time and money. There are different methods of performing a drug test and not all of the methods are effective.


Urine sample is the most common and highly accurate way of testing a person for drugs. There are two stages of testing that ensures that the result comes out accurate. Some people might not be comfortable in going with this technique, but at Circle Urgent Care, we respect people’s feelings and make them feel comfortable about the test.


Another type of drug test method is by drawing blood and then testing that blood sample. Blood test is highly accurate because it tells the exact amount of drug present in a person’s blood. This method gives results right away and if taken too long, the results may differ from reality. The drug only remains in our blood for a very short period of time and transfers to urine. A blood specimen gives exact results for presence of toxic substances.


This method of drug testing is very commonly used by police department to check a person for alcohol consumption. A person needs to blow air into a breath-alcohol device that shows results within seconds. This device provides a reading that is known as the Blood Alcohol Concentration that tells about the amount of alcohol recently consumed by a person.


Another technique of drug test is to check and examine hair of a person. Hair-drug test doesn’t give present results but shows the history of drug use by a person. This method is not commonly used because it is time consuming and the results are not recent.


A skin patch or a bandage like thing is attached to a person’s skin which measures the presence of drugs in the sweat. The adhesive property of the bandage determines the result. Sweat test usually takes a lot of time and a person who is getting tested needs to wear the bandage for a long period of time.


Another commonly performed method of drug testing is by drawing a saliva sample from the inner cheek. This method of testing is highly effective to detect use of drugs like weed and cocaine. Also, a saliva test tells about the most recent consumption of drugs.

Pre Employment vs. Post Employment Offer Testing

Companies need to retain and satisfy their employees up to a maximum. When it comes to that, Human Resources need to ensure that they have a productive and a safe environment for their employees to perform optimally. The best thing that they can do to ensure productivity is to make sure that the physical capabilities of the employees they are hiring are in line with the work that they are made to do.

Pre Employment Testing

This is the traditional testing where the candidates who have applied for a particular job get tested. These tests can, in some cases, be used, by the employer to narrow down the applicants further. Pre employment testing does not involve any medical examinations.

Post Employment Offer Testing

Post employment offer testing provides employers with a much better overview of a candidate as opposed to the pre employment testing. This is because the prior helps in analyzing how efficient a candidate will be in their respective jobs and whether they will be facing any issues or health problems later on.

In some of the cases, the post employment offer testing will prove to be more expensive because in case of a medical test it will require the availability of professional medical staff. However, Post employment offer testing provides greater benefits to the employer in the long term since the better the candidate that they hire, the greater their overall efficiency and productivity will be.

It is often said that the injury that never happens will be the least costly to a company. This is exactly what the post employment offer testing offers to organizations.

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